Where are the criminals? - Step 4

By Gabriel and Mario — 

Final Poster

The result

Here is the final poster with all of the complementary information such as the legend, the explanation and the footer.

The print came out just perfect and all the information is pretty visibile even at a distance. We were pretty worried because the scale we were working with, very small and huge values, was a design nightmare to work with. After creating the grid and placing all of the information, everything went right into place. We spent quite a lot of time on refining the positioning of the elements and the typographic adjustments but the result is very satisfactory.

After matching all of the criminal profiles together, we created “The new Canada” which represent it’s territory by criminal profiles instead of geographical boundaries.

Linked with the blog post is the full poster, a detail of “The New Canada” and of the criminal profile of New Brunswick and Newfoundland-Labrador.

Mario & Gabriel