First sketches

By Julia Piasecka — 

I have to think about what do I want the poster creator to do:

First: what is needed and used in most of the posters?

I started to think about how would the page look like what switchers should i add and so on..

Here you have a sketch of parameters that I chosed that will be changed on the page and a base of the design, so what to put and where.

Text is the first thing you work on as you need to fit all the informations and put them in the place you want them as big as you wish.

Than you work with the image you have so it will fill the space that is left. It could be framed into a shape, made as a grid, faded in the back or aligned to a certain part.

In the end you think about how to end it with the backgroud that can be either clearly colored, or had a nice strong touch or maybe a crazy faded pattern.

I devided my work into 3 parts

  1. choosing options and planning the design.
  2. creating nodebox algorythms/functions for each option.
  3. working with brackets to combine both.

There will be no time to to the perfect creator, but I will try to add as many options as I can.