Data Visualization Workshop in Antwerp, 24-28 March 2014.

The Quantified Self: Visualizing your Life

Each sms we receive, each Facebook post we like and every web search we do is captured for eternity. It’s as if our existence can be reduced to an endless stream of numbers. What if we could visualize this data and discover patterns in the chaos? Can we learn something new by quantifying ourselves?

In this master class we’ll look at ways to collect all this information and then visualize it. We’ll use NodeBox 3, a visual, node-based tool that does not require programming experience. We’ll learn how to capture, prepare, visualize and refine your data. The end result will be a poster representing ‘you’.

Visualizing your own data can give you new insights into your life and your habits. In addition, it is a great exercise to learn about data visualization in general.

To participate, we require you to carefully log what happens during a period of 5 months. This registration can happen using a custom-built smartphone app or on paper.